Should Your Child Have a Cell Phone?

Many parents (meaning those who have a kid older than seven) are being asked by their children for a cell phone for Christmas.

While parents lament the use of data, the problems with social media, and Tide pod eating, the question remains unanswered.

But, the truth is, enjoying the responsibility of owning a cell phone isn’t so much a matter of age as it is a set of behaviors or lack thereof. We’re here to give you some considerations to help you decide if your child is ready--or not.

If your child breaks his cell phone, we can fix it.

If your child breaks his cell phone, we can fix it.

The honor student

It’s not easy to get good grades, especially in this era of a test-focused curriculum. But, a child who is an honor student is telling you that they know there are a set of rules to which they have to conform, and they excel at it. The outlook for an honor student owning a cell phone is positive.

The fiscally savvy child

If your child understands the value of money, and takes care of his other electronic equipment, and presents a reasonable, prudent fiscal outlook, they may be ready for a cell phone.

The neatnik

The child who is meticulous about order and keeping things in certain places shows they can be trusted to keep track of things like a cell phone.

The extracurricular activity student

Granted, this doesn’t have so much to do with the child’s behavior as it does convenience because a cell phone has all of the makings of an electronic leash. Not only can you tell your youngster you’ll be picking them up in 6.5 minutes at Location X, but you can add an app like Find a Friend, so you’ll continuously know where they are.

The child who loses things frequently

Are you always hearing, “Mom! Where is my backpack? I’m late!” This type of comment is an example of a child who can’t keep track of their things successfully. Furthermore, it might be your responsibility to find it when he loses his cell phone since a parent can assume that behavior will remain a constant.

The child who wants to be like other kids

You know this child. This is the kind of child who says, “Well, Janine has one, and she’s only 11! My (older) sister has one, why can’t I?”

The great thing about being a parent is that you don’t have to do what the other parents do. You don’t even have to treat them all the same to be ‘fair.’ They’re different people with different needs. You know your child, and have had years experience at being a parent, which pretty much makes you an expert on your child.

A used or refurbished cell phone might be an excellent way to get your child used to the idea of the responsibility without a huge capital outlay. Many of them are very nice, even if they aren’t the very latest in technology.

Before you decide, think about the consequences a phone may have on both you and your child. You may want to read this article. But, take it with a grain of salt. Chances are, if you aren’t addicted to your cell phone, your child won’t be addicted to their cell phone, either.

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