Crazy Little Smart Things Your Smart Phone Can Do

Outside of the usual Smart Home security systems, thermostats, lights, and other heavily-advertised products, we found a few cell phone gadgets that are just a little out of the mainstream and sure to please. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get yourself a few things.


What about a doorbell that alerts you when someone gets close, shows you who it is, and lets you talk to them from your phone? Skybell and Ring are just a couple of the Smart doorbells on the market. This is more mainstream but we’re hearing a lot of great reports.

Smoke/and Intruder detector:

Aisoul has a Wi-Fi Security Camera with a Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector, Night Vision AND Two-way Audio for $118. There are a few different manufacturers who have similar devices, but this one is highly rated.



Deeper turns your iPhone into a fish detector. It has a 50 meter radius ($199) and the fishermen are wild about this, not only by it’s ability to ‘show’ where the fish are, but also it’s ability to show the underwater topography of the body of water. There is also an older, cheaper model which sports a longer battery life (6 as opposed to 4 hours).Your Body


Bactrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer $97 The biggest concern is from users who worry that the information used in their iPhone could be used against them, even though they say the device is stunningly accurate.

Car Fun:

A Viper SmartStart will make your iPhone into an automotive electronic key fob. Pop the trunk, unlock the doors, and other functions from an unlimited range. ($199)


Square Register, for merchants on the go, turns your iPhone into a credit card machine, so you can accept CC payments from anywhere. The information is encrypted, so it’s secure.

While it can be said that money can’t buy happiness, it sure can buy some of these cool little gadgets. With so many iPhone gadgets on the market, and more coming out every day, the newer cell phone technology is bound to be a gadget-geek’s dream come true.