Product Review: Nintendo Switch

As cell phone and game console repair experts, we’re always interested in the operation of various devices. The Nintendo Switch has been out for a while, but holiday sales and new games have made this game console worth another look. So, today, we’re going to review the Nintendo Switch, and how it works with Pokemon: Let’s Go!

What’s included

The Switch can be plugged into a TV or played as a handheld unit.

The Switch can be plugged into a TV or played as a handheld unit.

The Switch comes with two Joy-Cons, a charger, and an HDMI cable and dock used for interfacing with a TV. It also comes with two Joy-Con straps to use for motion controls ala original WiiMote style, and a Joy-Con grip for those who wish to enjoy a more classic gaming experience.


The first thing people notice about using the Switch is that it’s very user-friendly. Younger people who were raised with game consoles have an advantage because they enjoy a learning curve based on lifelong console usage.

But, for older adults, using the Switch is almost intuitive. It’s effortless to learn and play. The two Joy-Cons, mounted on each side of the screen, are removable. These can be used independently of the screen for motion controls with the Joy-Con straps. They can also be attached to the grip to be used as a regular controller. Or, they can remain docked to either side of the screen for handheld gameplay.

Hook-up to TV

For a larger-than-life gaming experience, the Switch can be plugged into a TV with the aid of an HDMI cable, which comes with the console. The Switch is mounted on the dock, and the HDMI cable runs from the dock to the TV.

Interfaces with Pokemon GO! App

The gamer who has spent long, arduous hours chasing down Pokemon with the Pokemon GO app on their cell phone will be delighted to hear that they can transfer their Pokemon collection over to their Pokemon: Let’s Go! Game. Go to the in-game options menu to link your Pokemon GO account to your Switch. You must have Pokemon GO open, and Bluetooth on your phone activated to link your account. Trainers who have reached Fuchsia City in-game can go to the Pokemon GO park to transfer their Pokemon.


Unlike some game consoles, the Nintendo Switch is fully portable. The ability to charge the Switch means that diehard fans can play anywhere, including in a moving car.

There is a variety of carrying cases available, and, in this writer’s opinion, the Switch shouldn’t be transported about without one. Some carrying cases hold the console and Joy-Cons only, but many are capable of storing all Switch accessories. Switch owners are highly encouraged to invest in a carrying case to avoid any damage to their precious child.


If a user cracks their Switch screen, they can either send it in by mail, or they can bring it to our shop to be repaired. Repairs come with a 90-day warranty.

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