Samsung Repairs

Samsung and other Android owners now outnumber other cell phone users in consumer loyalty studies. Cell Phone 911 leads the pack in keeping up with the repair of Samsung devices, their quirks and the best way to fix them as quickly as possible.


If the Samsung needs a diagnostic exam, we make sure to go through all of the basic functions, both because we need to determine the problem and because there are times when the owner isn’t aware that a problem has started or is developing. 

Sometimes a repair problem will mask itself as another problem, for example, when the consumer thinks the charger is malfunctioning, it’s often a charging port full of debris. 

Our techs keep you informed and in charge of repair operations.  We let you know in advance what it’s going to cost, how long it could take, and only use the highest quality parts and tools. Believe it or not, quality tools mean better repairs and less potential for damage to your phone during the repair process.

Our Fair-Price Promise

  • We will not gouge you or nickel-and-dime you to death with unnecessary added repairs. We will tell you straight what the price is going to be.

  • We will tell you when your Samsung has a problem developing, but only if it is honestly an issue.

  • Our repairs have a 90-day parts warranty. That doesn't mean we're going to replace your screen for free if you drop it again. But that does mean that if the LCD malfunctions, starts ghosting or develops lines as the result of our repair, or if there is some other repair-related issue, you can bring it back and we will fix it free of charge.

Every Moment Counts

We live in a connected world. The longer we spend fixing your phone,  the more likely you are to miss a phone call, a great post, or  your favorite music or games. Yes, we get it, because we are you, and know that a broken Samsung means it's time to contact Cell Phone 911.