iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repair


The iPhone has become an American accessory staple. In fact, many people consider their iPhone to be their most treasured possession. So, when the screen is cracked, the LDC is compromised, the battery has slowed response time down to a crawl, the unit won’t charge, or even if it has water damage, getting it repaired is the cheapest solution in almost all cases.

Our expertise extends to all models iPhone makes, and we have performed repairs on thousands of iPhones just like yours. By employing trusted, experienced technicians and offering the highest quality parts, we make sure that your iPhone is in optimal condition when we return it to you, so you can obtain years of worry-free enjoyment from it.

Some iPhone Issues We Repair

  • Screen Repair (Glass only) 
  • Screen Repair (Glass and LCD)
  • Battery Replacement
  • Rear/Front Camera 
  • Ear Speaker Replacement
  • Charging Dock/Port
  • Power/Home/Volume Buttons

while this list is by no means inclusive, it does offer a glimpse at some of the things we repair on a regular basis.

iPhone Water Damage

Water damage is most effectively thwarted if it's addressed promptly. If anyone can repair it, we can! More now than ever before, a water-damaged iPhone can be returned to full fuctionality. 

Let Us Service your iPhone


Our professional technicians can diagnose and repair any iPhone device. Whether your iPhone is under warranty, or the warranty has long expired, we will run a diagnostic in it if necessary and have your iPhone back up and running correctly on the same day whenever possible.

The truth is, we do this kind of work because we just love these devices and the joy they bring to their owner. So, we take our job as seriously as if we were treating a best friend or beloved pet because we know many people feel that way about their iPhone. 

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