Buy a Case!

The single most important tools the consumer has to minimize cell phone damage are a screen protector and a case. Since the average time it takes a cell phone user to break their phone is between six and ten weeks, let’s talk about protecting that investment before your new iPhone becomes a shattering statistic.

Otterbox Defender owners are incredibly loyal.

Otterbox Defender owners are incredibly loyal.

Here is a look at some of the most popular types of protective cases for a few different phones. Please check the reviews first, because oftentimes there is a slight variation in sizing which can determine which ones are most effective for your type of cell phone.

The Ballistic and the Ballistic Jewel $15 Range
Ever wonder which case the lead tech uses? Yup. In the case of the Ballistic Jewel, those tiny rubber bumpers on the corners and raised front bezel which prevents a front drop shatter means this one is built to withstand the 6 ft drop test.
Personal favorite: Ballistic Jewel Mirage Laser Etched Metal Design in Kasbah Silver or Kasbah Gold, Tempered Glass Screen Protector Included. Under $20

Caseology Under $20
The Parallex Wavelength DIA with a textured pattern grip case received the highest ratings of any of the cases we saw. Reasons varied from the covered buttons to the fact that there was no cut-out to show the Apple logo (ha!), the fact that Apple Pay is not interrupted by it and the buttons line up well. Ample room for jacks was also mentioned. Many models including Galaxy S/s8/S9, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8plus, Google Pixel/ 2 XL, Note8, iPhone 6/6S/7/7s

Tech 21 Impactology (orange)-Under $20
This one touts uninterrupted access to your front and rear-facing cameras, volume buttons, and headphone port for easy access. Some customers complain the clear back case panel turns yellow over time. Others say they like the slim fit. One person said they paid $45 at the ‘best’ retail store. Interestingly enough, a couple of Amazon customers felt the product they got was a knock-off.

LoHi Hybrid Impact 3 Under $15
With anti-slip back grips, you’d think fewer people would complain about the slippery sides, but there it is—they complain, even though they love the protection it offers (a lot of droppers bought this one). Other users say it’s slim and fits the phone like a glove. Advertised as 'fashion, passion and futuristic design’. Some say they like this because it will slide into your pocket easily.

Otterbox Defender Under $50
This one is two pieces with a belt clip. People who buy these seem to be die-hard fans who wouldn’t buy anything else. This is a fairly thick case, and the story is that dye from blue jeans will eventually bleed into the corners if you don’t get black. It has a built-in screen protector, too. Several people stated that only certain chargers fit the hole.
Regardless of which case you use, we hope you to consider buying a case and screen protector the day you buy your new cell phone.  A little investment might go a long way!

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