Wi-Fi When There Isn't Any

Having a cell phone is fantastic. But, there are times when you might need wifi service on another device because using your phone won’t work for whatever reason. Maybe you want to play Clash of the Titans, but the app is on your iPad, which doesn’t have its own wifi.  Or maybe your teacher wants a big report, and you don’t have internet at home but also know you have to finish it during hours that the library isn’t open. Or maybe you’re out of minutes on your phone but still need a wifi connection.

When you need wi-fi- you can rent it from some Valley libraries. Call for availability.

When you need wi-fi- you can rent it from some Valley libraries. Call for availability.

Today, we’re going to give you some other options to get wifi when you don't have wifi on an individual device or when your cell phone wifi is out of minutes.

Create and tether a hotspot from your iPhone

Tethering is sharing your cell phone’s internet connection with another device. You can use this for a device which doesn’t have its own internet, such as when someone else’s service provider is down, and you want to help. Be careful who you allow tethering on your account, as it will use your cellular data. Here is how to tether with an iPhone:

Go to


>Personal hotspot (Turn it on)

You have to set up a name and password, so the tethered device has access. The other device can connect by going to:


You can use the password, connect using Bluetooth,  or connect using a USB.

Tethering to a hotspot from your Android:

Turn off the wifi radio
Plug the phone into a power source
Go to Settings or the Hotspot app
> Wireless & networks
>  Tethering & Portable hotspot
>Set it up with a name and password

Do NOT forget that you are using your phone’s data and that you’ll be charged accordingly by your service provider. The charges depend on the plan.

How to get wifi at home if you can’t afford it

Weirdly enough, if you have a Peoria or Prescott Library card and need internet service at home or another location, you can rent a wifi device from the library. The device provides internet access to your home or another site. They come in a handy carrying case and have everything you need to connect any of your devices to wifi.

The contents: 1 WiFi Mobile Hotspot device + 1 AC Adapter + 1 USB Cable + 1 Quick Start Guide + and 1 Information booklet.

Borrow time is three weeks or a month (depending on the library), a handy amount of time so if you need to hunt for a job or have a final paper due, you can finish without having to go to the library for wifi. 

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