Cell Phone Technology: Navigate with Care

“...the iPhone didn’t support 3G, it didn’t support multitasking, it didn’t support 3rd party apps, you couldn’t copy or paste text, you couldn’t attach arbitrary files to emails, it didn’t support MMS, it didn’t support Exchange push email, it didn’t have a customizable home screen, it didn’t support tethering, it hid the filesystem from users, it didn’t support editing Office documents, it didn’t support voice dialing, and it was almost entirely locked down to hackers and developers.

— The Verge

The history of cellphones

Ten years ago, this was the very best technology the world had to offer: the first iPhone. Now, we have the capacity to make friends, do our banking, meet people across the globe, and a host of other applications. Each time technology advances, it becomes a little more refined, and frankly, a little scarier in the number of things it can do.

We update our cellphones at the behest of software developers. If we fail to do so, certain apps (I’m glaring at my bank apps) fail to perform. This performance failure has annoyed more than one customer, especially those who have been the victim of failed updates in the past, have outdated equipment, or simply don’t trust cellphone technology to do what it is supposed to do.

We’ve come a long way.

We’ve come a long way.

The current landscape

As much as technology can frustrate us, it also opens the doors to phenomenal opportunities and time-saving apps and gadgets. We have to school ourselves to ‘go dark’ now and then to reconnect with other things which are important. There is nothing wrong with that. (Or, as one user said, “When I go dark, I learn what is really important: my cellphone. My cellphone is important!)

Navigate into the future with care

When we use technology, we have to do so with caution. We go forward with the understanding that we are walking down a dark virtual alleyway. There are those who may wish to do us harm. As unhappy a thought as that is, it’s part of the deal, and well worth the price.

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