Cheap Aftermarket iPhone and iPad Chargers are Ruining Devices


Aftermarket chargers are ruining your phones one charge at a time. In light of this, we recommend that our customers only use stock chargers for their phones and, as a result, an explanation is in order.
No one, particularly after spending upwards of a thousand dollars on a new iPhone, wants to shell out $30 for an Apple charger and cord. Especially when faced with the unpleasant reality that Apple charging cords are not well made and have a nasty habit of splitting at the base end, signally the end is near for their useful life.

At this point, it’s time to go down to the Apple Store and buy another. It actually has to be the Apple store, and we’ll explain why in a moment.

The alternative to a stock charger is to go down to the local 99 cent market and pay a buck for a charger or go high-end on the cheap and buy a ‘quality’ off-brand model.
But, therein lies the problem:  we have seen many phones in which faulty or poorly designed chargers wreaked havoc on a logic board, caused poor battery performance or outright failure of the battery. All of these problems also hold true for the iPad.


Lifehacker found that "Official chargers are the best, off-brand chargers from manufacturers like Belkin and KMS are okay (we still do not recommend them), and knockoffs are a $2 safety hazard. If you're looking to buy an official charger from Apple or Samsung, buy it directly from them to make sure you don't get a knockoff." 

Here at the shop, we have seen fried logic boards, fried charging ports, flared and faulted batteries. We even had a customer call 5 min after we did a battery and port repair to say his phone would not charge. We told him to go to Apple and buy a real charger from them. 40 minutes later he texted back to let us know the phone was working properly with the new charger he bought from the Apple store.  This is not an uncommon occurrence.

So, if you want to get the most out of your not-insubstantial investment, consider a stock charger the next time you leave your old one on the plane.  It may save your phone from being fried, or even your house, as some chargers have been known to cause fires.

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