Using Cell Phones to Manage Medication


People lead busy lives and need all the help they can get when it comes to managing chronic health conditions. Cell phones are the new go-to when a patient needs help for a variety of concerns. We’ve all used our phone to search the web for doctors, medical clinics, symptoms, diets, exercise regimes, and gyms. But, patients with chronic medical conditions are also benefiting by being able to use their phone for another reason: medication management.

Multiple medications

 When a person faces a new diagnosis or illness, it might be a struggle to remember the most vital part of the treatment: medication management. This can be a problem for people that have multiple medications to administer at different times of the day or when a new prescription for a family member starts. A person can use a timer as a reminder, (if they remember to set it!), but the best solution may be simpler than that. The Apple iPhone has multiple apps to track medication and assist in pill reminders

Get an app!


Most popular drug stores have an app to assist their customers with medication management and prescription ordering. There are also multiple apps in the App Store that help with medication management. One app, Round Health, which is also compatible with the Apple Watch, has excellent reviews and is relatively simple to navigate and use. Adding or deleting prescription medications is relatively straightforward. There is a ‘notes’ section to go along with the medicine in case the provider has specific instructions for it (an antibiotic that shouldn’t be taken with yogurt, for example). It is visually appealing, and a quick tap will notify the app that the medication was taken. The statistics can be viewed monthly, showing how often a medication was skipped, and the information can be communicated to the doctor.

Increases compliance

Because a common reason to miss medications is forgetfulness, new studies show that reminder texts can double the rate of successful adherence to medication dosing. This compliance is encouraging because many chronic and acute conditions will improve significantly with regular medication. 

Whether a patient uses an app, or whether it’s a timer or text reminder, the cell phone is turning into an incredibly useful tool for medication management. For those who are busy, using a cell phone to help can be a turning point in their medical condition which increases the quality of their lives.

A functioning phone is imperative for the patient who wants to track medication, get reminders, and keep in stringent compliance with their prescription medications. Call us if your phone needs a new screen, the battery is on its last legs or has some other issue. We’d be happy to help! Let us fix your phone, so you can get back to living and having all the things you need to stay healthy!

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